Traffickers of Vietnamese woman sent to jail

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Nguyen Tan Nho, 49, (left) and his accomplices at an outdoor trial in Tay Ninh Province Tuesday. The group was convicted of trafficking Vietnamese women to China.

A court in the southern province of Tay Ninh  sentenced six people to a total of 39 years in jail on Tuesday for trafficking Vietnamese women to China.

Nguyen Tan Nho, the 49-year-old ringleader, was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment. His wife got seven years and others involved received three, four, six and seven years respectively.

Investigations found that Nho went to live in China in April last year after his daughter got married to a Chinese man.

A Chinese man named Huang A Si asked Nho to bring Vietnamese women to sell to him. Nho then sold a total of 18 women with the help of accomplices, until police caught him with two victims at Tan Son Nhat International Airport August last year.

Police in China on Sunday arrested seven suspects for their involvement in the trafficking of a Vietnamese women across the border.

A Xinhua report said police in Guangxi stopped two cars on Sunday night after noticing abnormal signs. They found a Vietnamese woman and seven Chinese men.

The woman immediately cried out for help and then accused the men of abducting her for sale.

Police arrested the men, including a 26-year-old Zhang and a 21-year-old Huang, after they admitted their plan to sell a woman to a man in Hunan as wife. They said they had received payment and were on their way to deliver the woman.

The woman has been brought back to Vietnam.

The trafficking of Vietnamese woman across the Chinese border has been on the rise recently.

Vietnamese police in the border province of Lai Chau on May 5 also rescued three young hill tribe women of 20, 21, and 18 years old as they were about to be taken across the border.

The alleged human trafficker Luong Thi Phuc, 26, who was married to a Chinese man, was arrested.

Police in the Mekong Delta' Can Tho City last month arrested two men and a woman who had managed to sell 11 girls between 14 and 20 years old  into Chinese brothels since 2010. The girls had been promised high-income jobs at restaurants and hotels in China.

A recent report by China Radio National said that since 2009, Chinese authorities have helped rescue more than 1,800 Vietnamese women and 41 Vietnamese children trafficked into China.

Vietnam police meanwhile have busted more than 3,000 human-trafficking attempts along its border with China since 2003, with around 1,200 would-be victims rescued in 2012 alone.

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