Traffic safety campaign has half of Hanoi's kids in helmets

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More than half of Hanoi children are wearing crash helmets on the road these days, a significant increase from merely 9 percent a year ago, according to traffic safety NGO Asia Injury Prevention (AIP) Foundation.

"After phase 2, Hanoi increased the percentage of children wearing helmets from 9.1 to 52.7 percent," said Hoang Na Huong, AIP Foundation deputy executive director, regarding the NGO's Helmet for Kids campaign.

She added that the program's phase 3 is expected to increase the child helmet use rate to 80 percent.

In the campaign's phase 3, from September to December,  AIP will continue running advertisements on TV and will replace old billboards to encourage helmet use among children in the city. The group also plans to install 68 new signboards in primary schools, public places, and on buses, for a total of 155 informational signboards across the country.

Other public awareness activities including radio broadcasts, public events, a photo contest and an online pledge drive will be implemented.

Free gifts like helmet discount vouchers and face masks with the campaign slogan printed on them will be given to parents to encourage them to purchase helmets for their children.

The Department of Education and Training and the AIP Foundation will also award the schools and districts that most improve the helmet usage rate among children. Police enforcement will be conducted around schools and on roads by district-level authorities in Hanoi.

The nationwide Helmet for Kids campaign was launched by the National Traffic Safety Committee, the Ministry of Education and Training and AIP Foundation under the slogan "Children Also Need Helmets."

The goal of the campaign is to improve the rate of helmet use among children, correct parents' misconceptions about helmet use among children, and increase awareness of road safety issues with the ultimate goal of reducing the total number of traffic crash injuries and fatalities in Vietnam, according to organizers.

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