Traffic cops without blue cards cannot stop vehicles: official

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A senior official said officers who have yet to receive their blue cards can go their patrols as usual, but only their counterparts who already possessed the cards may pull over vehicles for violations.

The blue name cards must be worn on left chest by those who perform the task of stopping violators, following a Ministry of Public Security's circular effective since January 1.

Colonel Nguyen Kim Hai from the Ministry's Road and Railway Traffic Police Department (C67) cited several police as saying that they have to fulfill their duties despite not having the cards.

"We have to make 10,000 cards within a month, but we have had few people, so we cannot finish [the work] on time," Hai said.

The Colonel added that his ministry will reissue the cards for the officers who had submitted applications with incorrect or insufficient information.

"We'll finish [the card issuance] as soon as possible."

A leader of road and railway traffic police division (PC67) under Ho Chi Minh City Police said on the condition of anonymity that officers with no blue cards are dispatched, but they can only regulate the traffic, point out violators to those with blue cards, and write reports.

The blue cards are issued exclusively by Ministry of Public Security to those who graduate from professional secondary schools or institutions of higher education, plus pass the ministry's competence test.

Hai said the blue card regulations aim to prevent the police from abusing their authority to stop vehicles.

The World Bank and Vietnam's Government Inspectorate said in a November report last year traffic police represent the most corrupt institution in Vietnam.

Lieutenant General To Thuong, chief of the general police office of administration of social order and safety, said on January 18 his office has dispatched 14 teams to observe the police force, especially the traffic cops.

Thuong said the examining groups must watch the traffic police officers patrolling in the evening to prevent them from shaking down violators.

"When discovering traffic cops' wrongdoings, [the examining groups] must punish [them] immediately or propose that the local authorities impose the punishment."

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