Traffic cop's baton sends woman to hospital in northern Vietnam

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A woman was hospitalized after being struck by the baton of a traffic cop who apparently intended to strike her brother, who was carrying her on a motorbike Thursday in the northern province of Hung Yen.

The incident took place at 7:55 am as Le Canh Lam, 23, was driving Le Thi Thuy, 28, to work.

The two were not wearing helmets. When they arrived at Vinh Khuc Commune, Van Giang District, they were spotted by a group of three traffic policemen.

As the motorbike approached, Sub-lieutenant Nguyen Quoc Sang walked across the street.

Sang did not signal Lam to stop so Lam tried to dodge the officer by swerving the bike to the right side of the road.

All of a sudden, Sang whipped his baton toward Lam, who was able to evade the blow, which ended up lashing Thuy across the eyes.

Lam drove the bike some 200 meters and stopped as his sister passed out.

Passersby helped him bring Thuy to hospital. Her left eye was swollen shut.

Meanwhile, Lam and some locals chased after the police's patrol car and stopped it. They informed the three police officers of Thuy's injury and demanded an explanation.

After the case was reported to Van Giang District's Police Department, deputy police chief Dao Trong Thuan told Thanh Nien it had temporarily suspended Sang and two other officers pending an investigation.

He added the three officers were required to make a report on the incident.

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