Traffic cop investigated for raping woman in car

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Police in the northern province of Quang Ninh said Wednesday they are investigating a traffic police officer accused of rape.

Vo Kim Luyen, a 32-year-old executive director of a company in Hai Duong Province, filed an official complaint against Major Ngo Tuan Dung on October 13, alleging the provincial traffic policeman raped her in her car on August 29.

According to Luyen, she got to know Dung after committing a minor traffic violation and that they had spoken several times over the phone.

On the afternoon of August 29, Dung called Luyen, asking her to come meet him and his friends at a karaoke parlor in Quang Ninh Province.

When she declined the offer, Dung asked Luyen to pick him up and give him a ride from the karaoke parlor to Hai Duong Province.

Luyen agreed and when she picked him up, Dung demanded to drive her car himself and she accepted.

According to Luyen, Dung repeatedly asked her to go to a hotel to have sex on the way but she refused. Dung then suddenly exited the national highway, stopping the car in front of the Huong Lan Motel in Quang Ninh's Dong Trieu District.

As Luyen reacted, Dung locked the car's doors and attacked her. He allegedly tore off Luyen's clothing, removed his own and raped her.

Afterwards, Luyen managed to escape the car, running into the motel and screaming for help. An employee gave her some clothes and the motel's owner called local police.

Officers who arrived shortly thereafter said Dung reeked of alcohol and repeatedly yelled at them as they questioned him.

The Hai Duong police department has demoted Dung from major to captain, reduced his salary and transferred him to a district police division for drinking during work hours and resisting police officers on duty.

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