Toyota Vietnam recalls 72 cars due to gearbox error

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Toyota Motor Vietnam is recalling 72 Camry, Vios and Altis model cars to replace gearboxes which had been filled with an erroneous oil.

The company told officials from Vietnam Register, the country's quality control agency, that the gearboxes of the Camry and Vios models had been mistakenly filled with oil designed for the Altis' gearbox in cars assembled from January 9-12 this year.

The unsuitable oil in Camry and Vios' gearboxes will cause the cars to shake when the gears are switched, it said.

Meanwhile, in Atlis models, the wrong oil can damage the gearbox belt, causing noises. The worst case scenarios is that the belt will snap, causing the car to stop, but not suddenly, said the Japanese company.

The gearbox replacement will be free and the faulty cars can be sent to Toyota distributers nationwide starting February 17.

To remedy the situation will take over four hours for Vios model and six hours for Altis and Camry models, the company said.

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