Toyota Vietnam engineer petitions 3-month suspension

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The engineer who blew the whistle on Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV)'s assembly line flaws has filed a petition against the company for placing him on a three-month administrative suspension at half his normal salary.

Le Van Tach, 35, filed the petition with the Labor Union and the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs in Vinh Phuc Province, where the company is based.

He has also filed a complaint with the Vietnam Engine Agricultural Machinery Corporation's Labor Union.

Tach's official complaints were filed after his petition to the company's own union rejected his complaint. TMV's Labor Union deemed the suspension "appropriate."

The conscientious engineer has already caused major problems for the firm.

On April 1, TMV offered a public apology to its customers on and vowed to recall more than 65,000 cars after Tach lodged complaints with the Vietnam Register, the country's quality control agency, saying there were three major problems with the Innova and Fortuner models produced by his employer.


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Tach continued to work for TMV following his suspension. But, on June 12, the company sent him a notice informing him of his suspension. The company claimed that they had taken the action in order to investigate slander charges filed against him by one of his managers.

Tach had filed complaints to TMV's general director claiming that he had been insulted and threatened by seven company officers following his decision to go public.

At a press conference held on June 13, TMV representatives said  that the decision to suspend Tach had nothing to do with his whistleblower activities.

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