Tourists run gauntlet of rough seas in Nha Trang, many injured

By Nguyen Chung, Thanh Nien News

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Russian tourist Denis Gurov was rescued on a Nha Trang beach. Photo: Nguyen Chung Russian tourist Denis Gurov was rescued on a Nha Trang beach. Photo: Nguyen Chung


The Nha Trang Coastal Rescue Team has said tourists should keep an eye out for warnings about rough seas, a normal feature at this time of year, after several people sustained serious injuries recently.
Nguyen Van Hung, a rescuer, said: “We always put up warning signs whenever there are strong waves and winds. The warnings are in Vietnamese, English and Russian.
“However, many people, mostly foreigners, still ignore them.”
The team rescued six tourists caught up in strong waves in the past month, he said.
On November 24 Russian Denis Gurov, 33, had his neck broken by strong waves after he ignored a warning not to swim near Muong Thanh Hotel.
Rescuers saw Gurov struggling in the water and waving for help, rescued him and got an ambulance to take him to hospital.
 Tourists swim in Nha Trang right next to a sign warning them against it. Photo: Nguyen Chung.
He was paralyzed on arrival at the Khanh Hoa General Hospital and had surgery after doctors diagnosed him with a broken spine.
Doctors said Gurov is recovering.
He is among many tourists who ignored warnings and suffered injuries.
In October the hospital treated a 64-year-old local woman with a broken arm and a 58-year-old man with a broken ankle, both sustained while swimming in bad conditions.
Dr Cao Viet Dung, deputy director of the hospital, said the elderly and people who cannot swim are more vulnerable.
“All tourists should follow warnings and avoid beaches with strong waves.”


(Editor's note: We mistakenly stated in the original news headline that the incidents took place in Da Nang when the news was instead about the incidents in Nha Trang. The headline has been updated accordingly. We regret the error.)

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