Top 10 shocking robbery videos of 2015

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Robberies are becoming an all-too-common occurrence throughout Vietnam’s big cities. Compiled by news website VnExpress, below are some of the most brazen robberies or attempted bag snatchings caught on film in 2015.
1. A man on a motorbike attempts to snatch a handbag from a young woman on a sidewalk who is about to open the storage under her motorbike seat. As she clings to her bag, the woman is dragged along the sidewalk for several meters before tumbling head over heels. She was able to hold onto her bag and the would-be-thief fled empty handed. The incident happens in front of a coffee shop on Bau Cat Street in Ho Chi Minh City’s Tan Binh District.
2. Two men on a motorbike follow a young woman riding a luxury motorbike on Dien Bien Phu Street in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City in the morning of August 29. After the woman turns left onto Pasteur Street to head to the city center, the men approach her and one grabs her necklace. The force of the theft causes the woman to wipe out and fall in front of another moving motorbike, which, although on a fairly quiet street, is unable to avoid hitting her.

3. While shooting a scene for Vietnamese film “Hon Lua,” actress Kim Tuyen and actor Minh Luan can be seen riding in a convertible through the Trung Son residential area in Ho Chi Minh City’s Binh Chanh District. Shortly after the leading lady steals a kiss from her man, a poorly masked robber appears on foot and steals Tuyen’s bag out of her lap. The theft was caught by a security camera in the car’s dashboard.

4. A woman has just removed her bag from the storage under her motorbike seat, when two men on another motorbike snatch the bag from her hands. The men were driving so fast that the woman was dragged to the ground. Neither she nor the man standing nearby have time to react before the crooks are gone. It happens on Phan Van Hon Street in Ho Chi Minh City's District 12.

5. In October, a man wearing a crash helmet enters a gold shop in Thach My Town of Lam Dong Province’s Don Duong District. He asks the sales woman to take out two gold necklaces from the locked display case and place them on the counter for him to inspect. After speaking for a few seconds, the man grabs the gold and makes a quick getaway while the woman screams for help.

6. A man on a motorbike drives by a couple in an undisclosed location and attempts to steal a bag from the woman riding pillion. But the woman hangs on, causing the driver of her motorbike to lose control and collide with a bicycle. The woman, her driver and the cyclist tumble to the ground while the thief makes a quick getaway, leaving the bag behind.

7. A woman is crossing the street in September at the intersection of Pasteur and Huynh Thuc Khang streets in Ho Chi Minh City's District 1, when a man driving a motorbike cuts in front of her. A woman riding pillion grabs the pedestrian’s bag from her hands before the duo makes a clean getaway.

8. As soon as a woman exits an alley in Ho Chi Minh City's Phu Nhuan District, a motorbike driver plucks her wallet out of her hand and drives off.

9. In April, as a woman waits for her husband to unlock the front door of their phone shop on Nguyen Huu Hao Street in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 4, a security camera shows a man appear from behind. The man grabs the woman’s bag and uses his full strength in attempt to steal it. The woman is slammed to the ground, but hangs onto her bag as the thief flees with the husband in pursuit.

10. An employee of a shop on Hung Vuong Street in the central city of Da  Nang is using her laptop in January while at the front counter. A man enters, takes the laptop and successfully flees.

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