Tons of fish poisoned by shrimp farmers flood central Vietnam lake

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Tons of fish corpses floating in Phu Hoa Lake in the central province of Binh Dinh forced local residents to endure a horrendous stench

Environmental police in the central province of Binh Dinh said Sunday (December 30) that they have determined what caused the deaths of dozens of tons of fish in a local lake on December 28-29.

Locals complained of a vile stench.

Shrimp farmers in the Phu Hoa Lake allegedly overused chemicals used to kill the naturally-occurring fish to make way for their business, which flooded the surface of the 110-hectare lake in Quy Nhon Town with fish corpses, mostly tilapias.

About 150 employees of Green Tree Park and Urban Lighting Company in Binh Dinh's Quy Nhon Town, the firm which manages the lake, on December 30 cooperated with shrimp farmers to collect and bury about 60 tons of dead fish.

Do Dinh Phuong, the company's director told Tuoi Tre that as of Saturday locals had collected 15 tons of dead fish to be used as fertilizer. He said the firm also used chemicals to stop the bad smell.

The shrimp farmers pumped the old water contaminated by dead fish into the Ha Thanh River to make the lake clean, causing locals to justifiably worry about the larger scale pollution produced by such a practice.

The fish of Phu Hoa Lake are usually killed twice a year. This year shrimp farmers did not allow local people to catch fish, so there were lots of tilapias in the lake, the locals and farmers told Thanh Nien.

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