Tiger cub almost escapes Hanoi zoo after climbing 9-meter fence

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A tiger cub almost escaped from a Hanoian zoo after scaling a nine-meter-high iron fence last month, a zoo official told Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper.

Nguyen Cuc Phuong, deputy director of the Hanoi Zoo, said Thursday the incident occurred on November 12.

The eight-month-old cub, weighing around 40 kilograms, managed to clamber up the cage's horizontal bars and reach the top when it was spotted by visitors, one of whom videotaped the scene and posted it on the internet recently.

Security officers then climbed up and managed to net the animal's head.

It took them 30 minutes to bring the tiger back to its cage.

"It has never happened before in our zoo," Phuong said.

"Normally, only leopards climb, while tigers jump.".

The tiger was one of four cubs born in the zoo last April.

It was the second time the cub appeared in a video clip. On Dec 5 a two-minute clip on YouTube showed two boys teasing tigers through cage bars at the zoo.



Boys tease tiger at Hanoi zoo, guards not intervene

They kick an adult animal, making it angry, before moving to another cage containing two cubs and pulling out twigs to pick their teeth.

No guards were seen in the video, and none of the zoo visitors made any attempt to stop the boys.

According to the zoo, one of the two cubs was the same animal that climbed up the fence.

Phuong said visitors often teased and tormented animals, so much so a crocodile died after eating rubber thrown by one and a hippopotamus got diarrhea after eating a plastic slipper.

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