Tiger bone found on cooker at Hanoi restaurant

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Police in Hanoi on Monday found a restaurant cooking tiger bone glue, which is considered a tonic by many people.

A tiger skeleton weighing 150 kilograms was being cooked at Tay Bac Quan restaurant at Thanh Xuan District when the police arrived.

The Vietnam Science and Technology Institute's Dang Tat The, who accompanied police, confirmed that the bone belongs to an endangered tiger species prohibited from poaching and for use in commercial purposes in Vietnam.

Police also found 15 kilograms of chamois bone in the kitchen of the restaurant.

Investigation revealed that the tiger was brought to the restaurant two days earlier and the restaurant owner, Nguyen Thi Thanh, 44, had it slaughtered on Monday. Thanh was cooking the bone with another person, who has not yet been identified.

Police have seized the bone and are investigating.

A Vietnam conference late last month reported that the country only has fewer than 50 wild tigers left, and they are scattered along the central region borders. Experts blame poaching and deforestation for the population shrink.

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