Three get jail terms for subversive acts in Vietnam

TN News

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Three people were awarded varying jail terms Friday by the Dong Nai People's Court for subversive acts, the Vietnam News Agency reported.

According to the indictment, in October last year, Nguyen Ngoc Cuong, 56, joined the forum  "Vietnam and today's problems," where he called for people to reject the policies of the Communist Party and the government under the nickname Mai.

He later received US$1,500 from several anti-government people overseas to reward the people who joined him at the forum.

Cuong and his daughter-in-law Pham Thi Bich Chi, 28, later made some 3,000 pamphlets with anti-government content that he distributed  along the National Way 1A with his son Nguyen Ngoc Tuong Thi, 25. 

The court in the southern province sentenced Cuong to seven and Chi to two years in prison, while Thi got a one and half year suspended sentence.

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