Three charged in fatal traffic dispute

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Ho Chi Minh City police have suggested criminal charges against three people involved in a fight that claimed two lives and left another man seriously injured last August.

The proposed charges came nearly a year after police arrested all three men.

The matter began as a simple traffic dispute in downtown Ho Chi Minh City, on August 6, when Nguyen Quoc Tan, 22, picked up a friend, Nguyen Van Ut, 30, on his way to a drinking session with friends.

Tan had just finished purchasing fruit and a kitchen knife, which he planned to bring to the drinking session. Ut was heading to a local children's hospital to visit his son and joined Tan for a ride.

According to the recent memorandum, Ut and Tan nearly collided with Pham Hoang Dinh Hung, 28, who was driving in the opposite direction on Cong Quynh street at around 5 p.m.

Investigators say that Tan shouted at Hung, who called friends to the scene. Hung and his two accomplices began beating Tan with motorbike helmets and belts as Ut begged them to stop.

Tan drew the knife he'd purchased to cut fruit and stabbed all three of the assailants.


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Hung, the sole survivor, was rushed to the hospital in critical condition with three stab wounds.

His two accomplices, Nguyen Minh Duc, 28, and Nguyen Chi Dung, 27, died at the scene.

Police say that, after the fight, Tan fled to Binh Duong Province. Ut, meanwhile, kept silence on the case but was caught a week later when visiting his child at the hospital.

Police have asked prosecutors to charge Tan with "manslaughter," the Nguoi Lao Dong reported on Monday. Ut will be charged with  "concealing a criminal."

Hung has been charged with "causing public disorder."

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