Three allegedly die from alcohol poisoning in central Vietnam

TN News

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Three of four people who were hospitalized early this week with symptoms of alcohol poisoning have died in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong, a local hospital said Friday.

According to Lam Dong General Hospital, on Wednesday, Ha Ngu, 44, together with Ha Gia, also 44, and 20-year-old Ha Nghiem, gathered at Ha Than's home to drink rice wine.

A couple of hours later they developed symptoms of alcohol poisoning and were rushed to the Don Duong District health clinic, where Tan and Gia were pronounced dead.

Two others were transferred to Lam Dong hospital, where Ngu died after two days of treatment.

A hospital representative said on Friday the facility had also recently admitted four others with alcohol poisoning symptoms.

Meanwhile, provincial police said the suspected rice wine was sold by a shop in Duc Trong District.

Further investigations are still underway.

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