This is how Hanoi gets through its worst winter in 40 years

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From plastic bags to sidewalk bonfires, Hanoians use everything they can to fight the freezing cold


 Bikers hit the road in thick layers of clothes as the capital city is going through the worst cold spell in 40 years, with temperatures dropping to as low as six degrees Celsius and there was even snow in Mount Ba Vi on the outskirts. Photos: Anh Tuan/Zing
 A woman covers herself with two plastic raincoats and several plastic bags.
 Most people put on an extra raincoat, or even plastic bags around their shoes.
Several bikers now have to use the special jumbo gloves. Some even attach them to motorbikes’ handlebars.
Traffic officers on Chu Van An Street in special uniforms. 
 Some burn coals on the sidewalk to stay warm.
Security guards on Dien Bien Phu Street gather by a heater, which has been the best-selling product in Hanoi these days. 
Xe om (motorbike taxi) drivers wait for customers. 
An umbrella at a sidewalk pho restaurant is used to keep both the pot and the diner warm. 
 A baby is covered in multiple layers of clothes.
A man has to rely on a blanket inside his office.
A flower shop protects its flowers from the cold. 
 A street shop owner covers herself with a mat.
 Tourists to Hanoi have to put on extra clothes and carry umbrellas.
A foreign man takes a cyclo tour behind plastic sheets.  
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