The wolf of Hanoi

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Hanoi Police arrested a group of teenagers, Monday, accused of committing raping and robbing a minor. The group's ringleader, they say, is a 14 year-old girl.

The case began on Friday, when Nguyen Thi Thao, 15, of Dong Da District reported that a squad of teens had gang-raped her and stolen her motorbike and cell phone.

Initial investigations led the police to arrest two 18 year-old boys, and the gang's leader Dao Thu Huong, 14, better known as My Soi (My the wolf).

Huong is the only female member of the gang.

They later apprehended five other teens suspected of being involved in the crime. They ranged from age 17 to 19.

Huong told the police that she'd had personal conflicts with Thao, and had urged her male friends to kidnap Thao and sell her to a brothel.

She texted Thao, posing as a boy and asking Thao out on a date.

Huong went with three boys to kidnap Thao. The foursome allegedly took their victim to a guest house, held her arms and legs, and took turns having sex with her. Police say, they captured the crime on film.

The gang pawned Thao's motorbike for VND10 million (US$522) and sold her cell phone for VND250,000.

Authorities say that Huong has done this before.  They say the 14 year-old made friends with two other girls on the Internet to force them to be sex workers but both managed to escape. One of the girls was supposedly raped by boys in the gang.

Police say they will continue to investigate the matter.


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