The poor, cold side of Sa Pa

By Mai Thanh Hai, Thanh Nien News

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The poor, cold side of Sa Pa


It has been too cold for poor families in Sa Pa this winter.
Adults are reluctant to come out to check their dead fields and livestock.
Children have so few clothes on they cannot focus in class. 
Pham Thi Xuan, principal of a primary school, says that teachers have to work harder to keep children from dropping classes every cold season. 
The only thing teachers can do is to ask people to donate warm clothes and to windproof the classrooms, she says. 

A family keeps a small fire in their hut. 

A child on bare feet wears an old adult hoodie. 


Children play outside in cold wind. 

This young mother from a poor village said: "All I wish for Tet is warm clothes for my children."

An 8-year-old girl brings along her 2-year-old sibling to fetch wood sticks for a fire.


A boy comes with his mother to the field on a cold day. It's 8 degrees (46 degrees Fahrenheit)

Children enjoy the warmth of a fire.

A mother and her children stop for a fire on their way to school.


Lunch with fried rats at a family.

These boys, on the other hand, only have plain rice for lunch.  

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