The good, the bad, the ugly: Police warn of new robbery tricks on HCMC streets

By Dam Huy, Thanh Nien News

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A collision staged by robbers in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Nguyen Bao A collision staged by robbers in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Nguyen Bao


Police warn that robbers in Ho Chi Minh City have recently turned to new tricks and struck anytime, anywhere they can.
Some groups of robbers used the trick of shoving their own accomplices into the victims. In the chaos, they would grab valuables from the victims. These robbers usually go in a group of five or more, police said. 
More unpredictably, some robbers pretended to be “nice” to help people who fell off their motorbikes, particularly drunk drivers.
One would lead the victims to the roadside. They took care of the victims, winning their trust by pretending to call their families. Finally they took away the victims’ belongings and bikes.
The ugliest and most dangerous trick is that the gang members staged traffic collision with the victims before attacking them and robbing their bikes, usually late at night.
The robbers usually go in large groups of 10 or more. They followed the preys and crashed straight into the victims. The robber would then scream out loud as if they were hurt.
When the victims were still trying to figure out what had just happened, they approached the victims and mugged them.
Lam Tien Duc, an officer of Binh Thanh District’s police unit, said these gangs usually targeted people who put a large amount of cash in their pockets while driving motorbikes on the street.
A man named T. of District 1 said he was lucky not to lose money in such a staged collision last year.
He was driving a motorbike on Huyen Tran Cong Chua Street when some gang members crashed into him and surrounded him.
He immediately jumped off his bike and held his money tight before running away and screamed for help. The gang members then left.

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