Thanh Hoa residents face charges for selling fake fish sauce

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Police in the central province of Quang Binh on Saturday proposed the filing of charges against a man and his sister-in-law for producing and selling fake nuoc mam (fish sauce).


Le Dinh Thinh, 39, and Le Thi Thuy, 26 , from the northern province of Thanh Hoa Province were caught May 25 by the Ngoc Phuong Company, the sole distributor of Nam Ngu fish sauce in Quang Binh. The two were selling fake Nam Ngu fish sauce in Dong Hoi town.


Thinh and Thuy started the trade last month, mixing tap water with caramelized sugar and bottling it in empty Nam Ngu fish sauce bottles that they bought for VND500 apiece, they told investigators.


They had picked up a receipt from Ngoc Phuong Company, made many copies and introduced themselves as its marketing staff. They never returned to any customer the second time and had delivered thousands of bottles to the market, earning more than VND10 million (US$525).


Nam Ngu fish sauce is produced in 0.5-1 liter bottles by the Ho Chi Minh City-based Masan Group, and retails for VND15,000-18,500 each.


The product has sold well as it's cheap, safe and hygienic.


Quang Binh police said Thinh and Thuy will be detained for three months pending a trial.


In September last year, Thinh was caught by Thanh Hoa Police in the same scam. But he escaped during the investigation and asked Thuy, his sister in law, to resume the business in Quang Binh.


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