Thanh Hoa police stop using fishing nets to snag bike racers

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Police in the northern province of Thanh Hoa have said they will stop casting fishing nets into the wheels of bikes driven by traffic violators because of the controversy it has raised, the VnExpress newswire reports.

Tran Van Thuc, chief of staff at the Thanh Hoa City Police Department, said the department has reported to the National Traffic Safety Committee and relevant agencies the results achieved using this method to snag traffic violators, and will wait for feedback before deciding whether or not they can resume it.

Thuc said Thanh Hoa City has  arrested 100 illegal motor racers thanks to the method of flinging fishing nets at the back wheels of traffic violators who ignore the police's signal to stop.

Since October 28, the method has been widely used and proved effective, he said.


Vietnam police try stopping mob racers with fishing nets

The method has received mixed reviews from the public. Many people have said it is dangerous because it can cause accidents to other travelers and commuters.

Some said the method should only be used to catch illegal motor racers, not other traffic violations.

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