Thanh Hoa police resume using fishing nets to stop illegal motorbike racers

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Police in the northern province of Thanh Hoa resumed using fishing nets to snag the back wheels of motorbikes driven by illegal street racers during the Lunar New Year holiday, the official Vietnam News Agency reported.

Police said they would cast the nets if the racers ignored the police's signal to stop, adding the method will not cause any danger to racers and other street users.

Police in Thanh Hoa Town, the capital city of Thanh Hoa Province, started flinging fishing nets at the back wheels of traffic violators on October 28, 2011. The method proved effective, they said.

However, it received mixed feedback from the public. Many people said it was dangerous because it could cause accidents to other travelers and commuters.

Some said the method should only be used to catch illegal motor racers, not other traffic violatiors.

In late November, police announced they were suspending the controversial method.

Colonel Le Van Nghiem, chief of Thanh Hoa Town Department, said most of the people who were opposed to the method had the mistaken notion that the police were throwing the fishing nets over the heads of motorists.

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