Thanh Hoa police catch traffic violators' wheel with club

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A street user has posted a video clip on YouTube that accuses traffic police officers in the central province of Thanh Hoa of throwing a club into the motorbike wheel of traffic violators to stop them, online newspaper VnExpress reported.

In the one-minute clip, a crowd of residents and police officers gathered around two motorbikes that fell on the ground on a street in Thanh Hoa City. A club was stuck in the front wheel of a Honda Wave; next to it was a white Honda SH.

Traffic cops and 113 Emergency Police forces were trying to break up the crowd. Some residents were acting outrageous and yelled at the cops for endangering motorists.

The man who posted the clip wrote that the incident happened in late October. He said the cops threw a club into the wheel of the Honda Wave driven by two young men who were not wearing helmets.

The bike collapsed and caused the Honda SH, which was traveling next to it, to fall.

The clip received a number of negative reviews from netizens who protested the traffic police officers' acts, which they said could be dangerous to street users.

Tran Van Thuc, chief of staff at the Thanh Hoa City Police Department, said that the department does not have a policy allowing officers to catch traffic violators in such a dangerous way.


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"It is only acceptable to use [the method] to catch criminals. We will investigate the officers who committed such dangerous act," he said.

This was the second time controversy arose among Thanh Hoa City's police because of the way they deal with traffic violators.

Since late October, police have arrested 100 illegal motorbike racers by flinging fishing nets at the back wheels of traffic violators who ignore the police's signal to stop.

However, police have stopped using the method after people claimed it can cause accidents to other travelers and commuters.

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