Thai police rescue Vietnamese from kidnappers

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A Vietnamese man was kidnapped by a group of Thais in Pattaya, around 100 kilometers from the Thai capital Bangkok, Wednesday, but the police managed to rescue him the same day.

Nguyen Van Tu, 34, was abducted when his wife, Hong Minh, was taking a photograph of him, Pattaya police officer Kowith Sawasmongkhol told Thanh Nien.

A group of six people overpowered and took him to a car where he was beaten and forced to call his wife to pay ransom.

Minh informed the police who discovered the car with the man and his kidnappers inside.

The kidnappers told the police that they had been hired to collect a debt from a Vietnamese flower seller in Pattaya, but mistook Tu for that man.

Police are investigating, Sawasmongkhol said.

Minh to Thanh Nien that she did not believe that story, adding it was possible that the group kidnapped foreigners for ransom.

She and her husband had come to Thailand a few months ago to work and do business.

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