Tet trash spoils popular tourist spot

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Empty cans, bottles, plastic bags, torn mats, canvas sheets, and leftover food have piled up for around seven kilometers along the Nha Trang beach in Khanh Hoa Province following the Lunar New Year holiday.

Luong Khanh Thuan, director of Nha Trang Urban Environment Company, said more people visited Nha Trang this year as the holiday was longer, between two weekends.

From Monday last week, or the second day of the new year, the number of tourists surged “dramatically,” Thuan said.

“Many people held parties right on the beach.”

The company had placed trash bins along the beach but they were rarely used, he said.

Nearly half of the company staff were sent to pick trash on the beach from Tuesday last week. But the litter discharged the next day was more than what they could manage to collect on a single day.

Meanwhile, some trash piles were stinking as they contained leftover shells and crabs from parties held on the beach but had not been cleared for several days.

Source: VNA

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