Teens arrested for trafficking girls to China for sex slavery

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Police in northern Vietnam said Wednesday they have arrested the two teenage leaders of a human trafficking ring that has been tricking and enslaving young girls and women and sending them to their own brothels in China, Vietnam News Agency reported.

Police said residents in An Duong and Thuy Nguyen districts of the northern city of Hai Phong recently filed missing persons reports with local police in search of their daughters.

Police reports said Trinh Van Huong, 19, and Ngo Van Cuong, 18, of Thuy Nguyen District were allegedly the two masterminds behind a gang that had been selling young women to buyers in China.

Huong and two men Nguyen Van Khanh, 20, and another named Hoa frequently entered China and opened brothels there, according to investigators.

Police said Huong asked Cuong, who was based in Vietnam, to seek Vietnamese women for the brothels.

Cuong and his friend named Phong rented apartments in residential areas where young female workers lived and pretended to ask them out on dates.

They made friends with three female workers named Vu Thi O., 17, Dinh Thi D., 19, and Nguyen Thi Y., 18, and lured out on "dates."

In August, they took the girls to China in a taxi. The girls were then allegedly forced to work as prostitutes at the above-mentioned brothels.

Cuong continued to seek Vietnamese women by making friends on the internet. He made friends with Vu Thi T., 19, and asked her to go to Quang Ninh Province with him.

T. agreed and brought another girl named Vu Thi P. with her.


When the three arrived in Quang Ninh, Cuong met with Huong and Khanh and they successfully persuaded the girls to go to China to "sell mobile phones."

Khanh then brought the girls to China.

Hai Phong police said they are searching for other members of the alleged ring.

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