Teens arrested for robbing tourist in coastal Vietnam city

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Police in the coastal city of Nha Trang have detained a gang of teenagers that allegedly snatched a bag of an English tourist on December 25, according to baokhanhhoa.com.vn.

Bui Van Tuan, 16, and Khieu Huu Luc robbed Lisa Edward when she was taking in the city's sights with another friend on a cyclo.

Tuan drove closely to the tourists so that Luc, who seated behind him on the bike, was able to snatch the tourist's bag, which had VND700,000 (US$34) in cash and an iPhone inside.

The two were arrested later on Christmas day, as soon as their accomplice, who happened to already be custody, gave up their names to the police.

Police officers from a criminal combating unit the previous day stopped Nguyen Van Hien, 14, and Nguyen Trong Tam, 15, when they were driving on a motorbike, and detained them on suspicion of street robbery.

The detained boys admitted that Tuan and Luc had joined them to form a group in order to rob people.

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