Teenage suspect wanted over gold shop murder

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Anti-crime police in the northern province of Bac Giang issued a warrant on Tuesday against a 18-year-old boy, a suspect in the murder of three family members at a local gold shop.

Le Van Luyen of Luc Nam District was not at home when police stormed into the house and found gold buried in the garden Monday.

 Police are considering pressing charge of "concealing criminals" against Luyen's parents Le Van Mien, 42, and Truong Thi Thom, 38.

Early August 24, thieves killed a gold merchant couple Trinh Van Ngoc, 37, and Dinh Thi Chin, 35 and their one-year-old daughter at their three-storey house and took away around 1,875 grams of gold.

The three victims were found dead with multiple stabs on their bodies, and on different floors.

Trinh Thi Bich, the couple's nine-year-old daughter, was found lying unconscious with her right hand chopped off. She was hiding under a wardrobe at the time of the murder.

All the gold in the shop, located on the first floor, estimated at 1,875 grams in total, had been robbed.

Initial investigations showed the gold shop's cameras and the electricity to the house had been cut.


Thieves kill three at Bac Giang gold shop

Bich recovered after doctors conducted a surgery to get her severed hand rejoined.

On Monday, local police stormed into the house of Luyen's parents and searched the house.

They found a plastic bag of gold buried near a pig cage. Luyen's parents could not explain where the gold came from.

The police also arrested Truong Thanh Hong, a 19-year-old boy who allegedly brought Luyen to the local medical center to treat injuries on Luyen's hands on August 24.

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