Teen prostitution ring busted in Thai Binh

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Police in Thai Binh Province had, until last Saturday, detained eight people involved in a teenage prostitution ring, including two organizers and six customers, local news website VnExpress reported Monday.

The customers are rich men, 31 to 46 years of age, who drove cars to the barber's shop run by Tran Thi Mien and her husband Nguyen Van Thuong to pick girls who were still attending school.

Mien would have five girls, 14 or 15 years old, queue in line for the customers to choose from.

The couple also drove the girls themselves to the customers' place and even to Hanoi to those who willing to pay extra, according to investigations carried out by Thai Binh police over the past several months.

The police traced the customers after seeing nude and erotic photos on the cellphone of one of the customers.

Another customer took two girls at a time and one of them was locked in the toilet of a hotel room, with a piece of bread to wait for her turn.

All the girls said they were cheated by the couple who forced them to have sex with customers after promising them jobs. The couple started the ring in mid-2009, police say.

One girl said she wanted to get her hair straightened but didn't have money for it, so Mien did that for her and asked her to have sex with a man.

Mien threatened that her husband would go to the girl's school and slander her name if she did not do as told.

The girl said she was given some drug in the car that made her feel drunk and dizzy.

Having sex with minors (under 18) is punishable with life sentence or even the death penalty in Vietnam.

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