Teen boys arrested for killing school guard in central Vietnam

TN News

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Two 16-year-old students from Quang Nam Province were arrested Tuesday after they fatally stabbed a school guard who had caught them stealing at the school canteen.

Police said Vo Cong Lam and Hoang Van Lam, tenth grade classmates at Nuoc Oa Boarding High School in the province, had planned to take revenge on the 40-year-old guard Duong Van Ly after he caught them stealing.

The boys attacked Ly while he was sleeping at the school at around 1 a.m. Cong Lam was the look-out while Van Lam did the stabbing, the boys told police.

Ly was found dead around 20 meters from the scene as he had tried to reach someone but soon succumbed to his chest and stomach wounds.

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