Teacher in Thanh Hoa accused of raping 14-year-old schoolgirl twice

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A school girl in Thanh Hoa Province says that she has been raped twice by a teacher at her school. Photo: Hai Tan A school girl in Thanh Hoa Province says that she has been raped twice by a teacher at her school. Photo: Hai Tan


Police in the northern province of Thanh Hoa are conducting an investigation after relatives of a schoolgirl claimed that a teacher raped her twice in April and October.
The girl’s mother said in a letter of denunciation that the 38-year-old teacher raped her 14-year-old daughter at a room in the Xuan Le Secondary School in Thuong Xuan District on October 21. The teacher was then in the school to attend a party organized by the school’s management to farewell him and some other teachers who would move to another school in the same district.
According to the girl’s report, the mathematics teacher suddenly appeared behind her in the office where she had just come in as her room in the boarding-school got a blackout.
“He shut me up with his hand and forced me to have sex with him,” the 9th grader said. “I struggled to get away from him, but he threatened that if everybody knows about my case, my family will be in shame and none will marry me when I grow up.”
“I was so scared that I did not tell anybody.”
The mother said it was the second time the mathematics teacher had raped her daughter following the first, also in the same office, in April.
Another schoolboy noticed the girl, then an eighth grader, running away from the office and stopped her.
Thinking that the boy had seen the scene, the schoolgirl told him all the story.
But since then a strange man continuously phoned to her, asking her to buy mobile phone cards for him. That man threatened that if she did not buy cards he would tell everybody she was raped by the teacher.
“I had stolen money from my aunt and her husband several times to buy mobile phone cards and sent the man,” the girl said.
The Xuan Le Secondary School's dormitory. Photo: Hai Tan
Her aunt, whom the girl has lived with, caught her red-handed on November 10 while she was sneaking her money. Being questioned, the girl told the whole story in tears.
The girl’s aunt and her husband are also teaching at Xuan Le school.
“That mathematics teacher is among my husband’s close friends. I was heartbroken learning such a terrible thing, and my niece herself had to suffer that for a long time.”
Pham Duy Dung, the principle of Xuan Le school, said “If the schoolgirl family’s accusation is true, it’s a very serious matter that affects not only the prestige of the involved teacher but also the education sector.”
Besides working with the investigators, the school has assigned a teacher to visit and encourage the schoolgirl’s family, said Dung. The school has also strengthened the management of the students who are living at its dormitory.

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