Tay Ninh police destroy 70 kilograms of banned leeches

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Police in the southern province of Tay Ninh on Tuesday destroyed some 70 kilograms of leeches a banned product seized from a local residence three days earlier, online newspaper VietNamNet reported.

On December 17, police found the leeches wrapped in seven plastic bags and hid in a freezer at the house of Huynh Thi Kim Kieu, a resident in Tay Ninh Town.

Kieu told police that Hu Gui Dang, a 42-year-old Chinese trader, collected the leeches from rural districts in the province and stored them at her house before taking the batch to Ho Chi Minh City.

Police said Kieu will be fined for her involvement.

In the past several months, residents in HCMC's suburban districts of Hoc Mon and Cu Chi, neighboring Tay Ninh Province and some northern provinces, have rushed to catch and breed leeches for sale to Chinese traders.


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Large numbers of uncontrolled leeches have raised concerns that they will harm crops and that they threaten the local ecosystem.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development later issued a ban on the breeding and trading of leeches.

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