'Tallest building in Vietnam' claims another victim

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A woman in Hanoi was hospitalized with severe injuries to hand and arm last Wednesday after a piece of debris fell from the infamous Keangnam high-rise construciton site.

Several people have been killed in building-related accidents near the structure.

On Monday, Pham Kim Cuong told VietNamNet that his wife Luu Thi Lan was driving her motorbike "exactly" to the spot of Keangnam building when something fell from the sky and cut her arm open.

Lan stopped on the sidewalk and a worker from the building rushed down to check on her condition.

The worker brought Lan into the site and told others that "An iron bar from the building fell on this woman's arm," Cuong told VietNamNet.

At the time, he had arrived at the spot after receiving a phone call from his wife.

A man named Ngo Quoc Cong, a manager at the building, sent Lan to the hospital and gave Cuong some money, saying that he had some business and wouldn't return to see them.

The falling object broke three bones in Lan's hand.

Cuong said Cong just showed up to the hospital and stayed around for a little while.

"I called him many times and was told to keep the bill and that he would come to pay it. But I have never saw him again," the husband said.

Cuong said he's asking authorities to intervene.

In March, Hanoi authorities launched an investigation into the Keangnam high-rise construction site following the death of six workers. Two died this February while four fell to their deaths during a single week in July 2009.

Work on the 70-floor South Korean tower, slated to be the highest building in Vietnam upon completion, began in 2007.

The tower, expected to cost more than $1 billion, will house hotels, offices and high-end apartments. It includes a 48-floor tower and a 70-floor high-rise.

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