Taiwanese police join Vietnam's hunt for phone fraudsters

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A file photo shows 41-year-old Taiwanese named Lin Chin Sheng, aka A Khai, being arrested for his role in an alleged telephone fraud scam on April 14, 2014
Taiwanese police arrived in Ho Chi Minh City on May 5 to exchange information with their Vietnamese counterparts about ten telephone con gangs that began in their jurisdiction.

Lee Jung Teng, the latest Taiwanese suspect to fall into a Vietnamese police dragnet, was arrested on May 5 along with nine Vietnamese accomplices for allegedly using forged papers to open hundreds of ATM accounts in Vietnam.

The ring supplied ATM cards linked to fake accounts with which to collect funds from Vietnamese victims they conned via telephone.

Teng also allegedly contacted Duong Ngoc Binh, a translator, to lure Vietnamese individuals to Malaysia to a kind of training course in telephone cons.

The translator, enlisted four people into the fraud ring for a total of US$1,500.

Ho Chi Minh City police have recently busted 10 telephone fraud gangs, each of which was headed by a Taiwanese ringleader. Each gang called private citizens pretending to be police and other authorities.

The victims complied with the criminals’ demands and deposited funds into their fraudulent accounts.

Police say they've only managed to catch small fish and the Taiwanese kingpins remain at large.

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