Sweet revenge: Half-naked cop caught by traffic violator

By Tran Hieu, Thanh Nien News

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Gia Lai Province police have officially rebuked a traffic police officer for not wearing a shirt while working at a check point, after a driver caught with speeding took his photo and filed a complaint.
“We have reviewed the case and taking the disciplinary measures against second lieutenant Tran Quang Trung for his violation,” the provincial traffic police chief Pham Van Uan said.
The case happened on April 19 when Trung and three other officers were assigned to a section of the National Highway 19 in Pleiku Town.
Trung was assigned to stay in a car to secretly measure vehicles’ speed with a radar gun and report violations to the other officers at a nearby section.
At around 9 AM, Hoang Minh Thanh was caught driving his motorbike at 52 kph, exceeding the limit of 40 kph.
Thanh requested for evidence and he was taken to Trung’s car.
The driver, who got a fine ticket, took pictures of Trung not wearing a shirt and later sent it to the provincial Traffic Police Division.
According to the Division, Trung's being shirtless violated the police regulations, tainted the force's image and confused traffic law violators.
Traffic police officers are allowed to disguise, by wearing casual clothes, to coordinate with uniformed officers, it said.

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