Suspect in murder of Vietnamese driver linked to multiple homicides

By Lam Vien, Thanh Nien News

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Police excavate the remains of a couple allegedly killed three years ago. Photos: Lam Vien Police excavate the remains of a couple allegedly killed three years ago. Photos: Lam Vien


Police in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong on Sunday excavated the remains of a couple allegedly killed by a man who is being investigated for the death of a taxi driver last month. 
After the five-hour excavation, officers found the two sets of skeletons under a 13-meter-deep hole in Loc Thang Town, Bao Lam District. 
Tests are being conducted to confirm whom these skeletons belonged to.
The officers were led to the site by Kieu Quoc Huy, 27, who confessed that he killed his friend and wife three years ago and threw their bodies into a well. 
Huy was arrested on August 31 for allegedly killing taxi driver Hoang The Vinh, 35, to rob his car.
According to police, on August 20, Huy hired Vinh to drive him from Lam Dong to Buon Ma Thuot City in Dak Lak Province.
He then shot Vinh dead on the way. He drove the car to a pine forest in Lam Dong and buried Vinh.
Vinh’s decaying body was found 10 days later by a local.
Police stormed into Huy’s rented apartment and arrested him on August 31. They found bullets and guns in the apartment and the car he robbed outside.
2012 double homicide
During the investigation process, police suspected that Huy also killed his friend Do Hoang Binh and his wife Pham Thi My Hanh, both 31, in a gruesome murder three years ago.
Huy later confessed to the crime.
He said he came to the house of the couple for dinner with an intention to kill them to rob their land ownership certificates.
After Binh went to the kitchen, he allegedly stabbed Binh to death with a knife. He then killed Hanh when she was about to scream for help.
He said he threw the two bodies into the well behind their house, which was located in a rather remote area, and covered the well’s mouth with rocks and canvass.
He took away some land ownership certificates and somehow managed to change the couple's names into his. 
Huy then spread rumors that the couple had fled the province after they found themselves in huge debts.
According to Hanh’s family, she previously collected money from some people who wanted to buy land and then illegally registered the land plots as hers.
Prior to the murder, some people came to her house to demand their money back and threaten to take her to court. That's why her family believed Hanh and her husband had actually left the province, and they did not report to local police about the missing couple.
Bui Van Son, chief of Lam Dong Police Department, told Thanh Nien that police are considering the possibility that Huy may have also been involved in two other cases, in which one was missing since 2012 and the other was killed in a local hotel.

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