Sunwah Foundation promotes community, creativity spirits in HCMC downtown


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Sunwah Foundation promotes community, creativity spirits in HCMC downtown
Nearly 1,000 people joined the Sunwah and Friends Social Services and Creativity Day, organized by Sunwah Foundation, in downtown Ho Chi Minh City on Sunday, January 11. 
The participants, including the Consul Generals of China, Japan and Indonesia, students who received Sunwah Foundation, employees of Sunwah Group, Sunwah Tower tenants as well as presidents, professors and students from various universities, took part in various social services and creative programs in Park September 23rd.
The events, namely Give a Gift, Wish of Happiness, Wishes Fulfilled, Loving Meals, Art Contest and Exhibition with the theme of “Beauty Through The Eyes of Children”, and Creative Marketing Competition, not only enriched social activities of the City but also showcases the corporate social responsibility of Sunwah Group, contributing to the HCMC’s modernization, civilization and humanity.
Besides social activities, this year’s program also encourages students to express their creativity through Creative Marketing Competition, which is sponsored by BMG International Education and Work Saigon. After three rounds, the Archinomics team from HCMC Foreign Trade University and HCMC University of Architecture won the Grand Prize for their best marketing plan. Moreover, the participation from Sunwah’s Global Young Leaders Network (Sunwah GYLN) from Hong Kong, China, Macau, Japan was also a highlight for the event.
Sunwah Foundation, the public services arm of Sunwah Group, has been running social services projects, as well as supporting various educational, arts and cultural programs in Vietnam for many years.
In 2013, “Sunwah and Friends Social Services Day” was a success with 11 social services projects conducted in the event day. 

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