Suicidal cop arrested in Vietnam hotel shooting standoff

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An armed policeman was arrested after a four-hour standoff at a hotel in Can Tho City this morning during which he shot multiple times at police and taking a hotel staff hostage.
Tong Hoang Phuc, a Can Tho policeman, gave himself up to the police at 7 a.m.
No one was injured in the incident, the police said, adding that they found Phuc's suicide note to his parents, which said he planned to kill his girlfriend and himself.
Phuc rent a room at the 555 Hotel in O Mon District last night and secretly brought an AK47 assault rifle with him. 
When a hotel staff who served food for Phuc accidentally saw the rifle, Phuc forced him to stay in the room. An hour later, as two other staff came up to his room to search for their colleague, Phuc started to open fire at them.
Local police were alerted of the shooting at around 2.30 a.m. When the first two police officers arrived at the hotel, Phuc shot at them too.
More than 100 armed special police were mobilized to the scene as Phuc continued shooting. Witnesses said they heard about 50 shots from the hotel.
Phuc then demanded that his girlfriend come to meet him in a petrol tank truck driven by a female driver. His demand was rejected.
He demanded to see his parents and surrendered soon after meeting them.
Police said they seized the AK47 rifle and three magazines in the hotel room.
They said Phuc had apparently asked his girlfriend to come to the hotel with him, but was rejected.
The Can Tho City police chief at 10 a.m. signed a decision to dismiss him from the force.
Phuc is now in police custody. Investigation in the case is ongoing.

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