Students hospitalized after eating candies found in the street

TN News

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Agencies in the northern province of Quang Ninh are investigating the case where five elementary school students were hospitalized with food poisoning last week after eating candies found nearby their school.


Initial information showed that a group of students from the Hung Thang Elementary School came across a pile of candies under a tree , about 400 meters from their school, Thursday.


The kids shared the sweets, which Ha Long Town's police described as soft candies packed in nylon and plastic boxes.


Later that day, five of the students complained of headaches and nausea, and were rushed to a local hospital.

The school asked the students to return the candies which totaled about 20 kilograms.


Police said that according to the candy's packaging, they had been manufactured at a plant in Ho Chi Minh City. Their printed expiry date claimed that they were still valid, but the candies themselves were moldy and wet.


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