Students allegedly beaten by supermarket guards

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A Ho Chi Minh City private security company on Wednesday suspended six security guards who were accused of beating four high school students with weapons after their graduation party held in a supermarket's building.

After being summoned for questioning, three of the officers admitted to the local police they beat up the students, but say they did not use weapons.

On Monday, May 30, the students and two teachers of Nam Ky Khoi Nghia High School attended the party on the 5th floor of the Lotte Mart Phu Tho, a supermarket in District 11, to celebrate their high school graduation.

After the teachers left, the students remained for more than an hour and they kept talking and laughing on the escalators. The security guards asked them to keep silent.

When the students got into the basement, 18-year-old Tran Hoang An realized his helmet on his motorcycle had disappeared. When he asked the security guards about the lost helmet, more than 10 guards brutally attacked him with iron sticks, batons and helmets, according to the students.

Three of his classmates rushed in to reconcile but they in turn were tasered and pushed down on the ground, they said.  

Doan Huy Son, chief of security team of the Lotte Mart Phu Tho, reported to supermarket director board that the students screamed, ran and jumped on the escalators and ignored a request by security  guards to keep silent. They continued to scream and had insulting and threatening words to the guards, he said.

Le Van Truong, the chief guard in the basement, accused two students of yelling at the officers when one of them lost the helmet. A student hit a guard on the head with a helmet, which led to the whole fighting, he said.

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