Student breaks school safe, burgles $61,000

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Ho Chi Minh City police Thursday said they are investigating an alleged burglary by a 12th-grade student who broke into his school’s office and took away VND1.37 billion (US$61,000).
Nguyen Trong Nhan, 18, told them that he hatched the burglary plot last week after knowing that his school, Binh Hung Hoa in Binh Tan District, would organize a meeting with parents last Sunday.
On Sunday morning he mingled with the parents and sneaked into the office room with some tools including an electric welding machine and a crowbar.
Nhan reportedly waited there until that night and, after everyone had left, broke the safe and took away the money.
School managers discovered the burglary the next morning.
But security cameras revealed that Nhan was the culprit.
They found the money hidden in his house and returned it to the school, the police said.

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