Steel bar shoots through Hanoi taxi

TN News

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A falling steel beam impaled a parked taxi cab in Hanoi on Friday and settled right next to the steering wheel.  The driver was not hit.


The driver said he was starting the engine and he heard thunderous crash, the next thing he knew, he was covered in broken glass.


He had just managed to calm down, when the steel bar (around five meters long) suddenly appeared through the windshieldof the car.


"I quickly stopped the engine and left the car," he said.


Police said the bar had gone from the windshield on the head of the cab through the space under it.


The driver had stopped to drop off a passenger at the Momota apartment building, which sites near a building whose the 23rd floor is under construction.  


Hanoi police are still trying to determine the origin of the bar.


Another construction-related accident also on Friday injured four employees at a branch of ANZ bank in Ho Chi Minh City.


A huge chunk of plaster (more than 25 sqare meters, in all) fell from a four meter-high ceiling insie the ANZ building.


The four women were rushed to hospital while other employees were evacuated to avoid further accidents.


ANZ has rented the building from Saigon Jute Company.


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