State firm exec found appointing family members to top posts

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The Southern Vietnam Maritime Safety Corporation (VMS-South) is headquartered in Vung Tau City. The Southern Vietnam Maritime Safety Corporation (VMS-South) is headquartered in Vung Tau City.


Inspectors from the Ministry of Transport have found that a large number of employees at a state-owned company are related to its general director, Tuoi Tre newspaper reported.
Minister Dinh La Thang said the inspection was carried out after the ministry received anonymous written complaints that 30 employees of the Southern Vietnam Maritime Safety Corporation (VMS-South) and its subsidiaries are family members of Pham Quoc Suy.
These employees held senior posts in the company since 2005, according to the complaints.
After several months of investigation, inspectors concluded that 15 of the 30 people in question are family members and relatives of Suy, including his sister, uncle, nephew and cousin. Some are holding key positions in the management, including deputy general manager and managers. 
Inspectors said Suy himself appointed eight of the 15 people to these posts. Among 155 managers and leaders of VMS-South, 11 are related to Suy, making up 7 percent.
Inspectors also said six of the 15 people lacked qualifications or did not meet all requirements when they were appointed to their posts.
Suy himself is the younger brother of Pham Dinh Van, the former general director of VMS-South. He was appointed to replace Van in March last year after the latter retired.
Previously, Suy was the deputy general-director of the company.
Before Van retired, his son Pham Tuan Anh was appointed to be deputy general-director of the company, but the appointment was revoked by the Transport Ministry several months later.
The ministry said the company had appointed Anh to the post without the ministry’s approval, and the number of deputy general-directors had exceeded the allowed number.
Transport Minister Thang has ordered the company to review the responsibilities of individuals in the wrongful appointments and punish those involved. 
VMS-South, based in Vung Tau City, and its subsidiaries in other provinces and cities have more than 1,800 employees in total.

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