Starved, dehydrated Russians rescued from drifting boat in Nha Trang

Thanh Nien News

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A fishing boat off Nha Trang on Monday rescued two Russian tourists who were unconscious after hours drifting at sea on a rented boat that ran out of fuel.
Captain Nguyen Tan Nguyen said his crew noticed the speedboat floating on Monday morning while fishing around 15 nautical miles off the resort town in central Vietnam, local media reported.
They approached the boat and saw two men lying motionless aboard.

Klagv Vitor Vaxileta, 56, (L) and Bagetxki Denix Alexangrvir, 32, after being rescued from a speedboat that went out of fuel in Nha Trang on February 9, 2015. Photo credit: Lao Dong

Nguyen and his crew carried the men onto their boat, giving them milk and food before they transferred them to local coast guards.
His boat also towed the speedboat back to shore in the afternoon.
The tourists, Klagv Vitor Vaxileta, 56, and Bagetxki Denix Alexangrvir, 32, said they rented the speedboat and began their trip the previous night. But it ran out of gasoline soon afterward and started to drift.
They fainted as they did not bring enough food and water.

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