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Representative of The Sponsoring Association for Poor Patients of HCMC awards a certificate of merit to PNJ Charity Fund. Representative of The Sponsoring Association for Poor Patients of HCMC awards a certificate of merit to PNJ Charity Fund.
Celebrating the 27th anniversary of PNJ and the tenth anniversary of PNJ Charity Fund, at the end of April 2015, Phu Nhuan Jewelry JSC (PNJ) announced a charity shelter program for the poor nationwide named “PNJ Love Shelter.”
Sharing with the community
Found in 2005, after 10 years of operation, PNJ Charity Fund has contributed more than 25 billion dong to projects of improving life standard for poor people and patients or scholarships to cultivate future talent of Vietnam. These charity programs have been regularly organized with the participation of many PNJ’s employees and become a cultural tradition of PNJ, showing the spirit of solidarity and mutual love, willing to sharing for the community.
 Mrs. Nguyen Thi Cuc, PNJ‘s Deputy General Director gave support gifts to poor people in Daklak in late 2014
Mrs. Cao Thi Ngoc Dung, General Director cum President of PNJ Charity Fund, shared: “I think giving is receiving, sharing brings us the happiness. My life’s happiness is to share that philosophy to all staff of the company. All employees of PNJ volunteer 1-day salary each quarter to bring billions dong of good support for the community. Sharing is a typical culture of PNJ.”
PNJ Charity Fund Logo with 5 leaves of the lotus representing 5 action programs
Also in this occasion, PNJ Charity Fund has officially presented a new logo with an image of lotus – a symbol of a beautiful personality and a spirit of overcoming difficulties. Image of a lotus with 5 leaves also represents 5 values of Humanity – Formality – Integrity –Mentality – Credibility and 5 activity sections of PNJ Charity Fund. According to that, PNJ Charity Fund also announced 5 action programs, including: Supporting the Education, PNJ Love Shelter, Sharing for a better Tet journey, Charity events for poor patients and other activities. It’s estimated that the budget for 2015 of PNJ Charity Fund is 5 billion dong.
Contributing “Pink Bricks” to build “Love Shelters for the Poor”
In the 10th anniversary, PNJ Charity Fund has officially launched a charity program calling the community to contribute “Pink Bricks” to cultivate the “PNJ Love Shelters” project. With the message “Collecting 1 million Pink Bricks to build hundreds Love Shelters”, PNJ Charity Fund hopes receive the supports of PNJ’s employees, Donors (clients, partners, customers… of PNJ) and the community to bring hundreds of Love Shelters to poor people.
The first bricks were contributed by PNJ’s leaders.
In the ceremony, PNJ Charity Fund has received the heartfelt support of partners, clients, donors and especially PNJ’s employees for this meaningful activity, with 560,000 Pink Bricks were donated (equal to VND560 million – each brick worth VND1,000).
Design of a PNJ love shelter worth VND50 million
Mrs. Dung added: “2015 is the first year of PNJ Love Shelters project. We plan to build 50 shelters for poor people nationwide with expected budget about VND2.5 billion, each shelter worth VND45 million. Until now, we have received many dossiers of poor families nationwide and we are urgently reviewing to conduct. Wherever the Love Shelters will be built, it also has one design”.
Disadvantaged families with housing problems nationwide who want to be considered for this program or individuals and organizations who want to support “Pink Bricks to build PNJ Love Shelters for the Poor” program can contact us at: PNJ Charity Fund, Phu Nhuan Jewelry JSC: 170E Phan Dang Luu, Ward 3, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City. Tel: 08.39951703 – 230 (Ms Toan Tam) or email us at:

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