Southern Vietnam official dismissed for gambling, extramarital affair

TN News

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A market management official in the southern province of Long An has been dismissed from his post for gambling and alleged having an affair with the wife of a murdered reporter, a provincial official said Friday.


According to Vo Thien Ngo, chief of Long An's Market Management Agency, Nguyen Van Tam was found gambling in Cambodia and suspected of having an affair with Tran Thuy Lieu, wife of Le Hoang Hung.


Tam had been suspended after the local media exposed the affair with Lieu, who is still in custody after admitting to killing her husband in February. It was alleged that Tam had taken her to Cambodia many times for gambling.


Lieu's confession had taken everybody by surprise because she had until then steadfastly maintained her innocence.


The 41-year-old woman claimed that she'd acted alone in killing Hung, who was set on fire while he was sleeping at home on January 19, and died ten days later of severe burns. Lieu said she hoped to sell their family home to cover her gambling losses.


During the first months of this year the case had drawn a great deal of public attention, as local newspapers conducted their own investigations and exposed more details and complications like Lieu's gambling debts and her extramarital affair.


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