Southern Vietnam gas blast claims sixth life

TN News

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The death toll from a gas explosion in Binh Duong Province early this month rose to six Monday as another victim succumbed to severe burns.

Tran Thi Tret, 28, died in Ho Chi Minh City at Cho Ray Hospital with burns covering 65 percent of her body. She was being treated with five other victims of the blast.

Another five were already dead from the April 7 accident, including 31-year-old Le Minh Viet, who caused the blast while transferring cooking gas from a big cylinder into smaller ones. Viet died on April 22.

Viet was a street food vendor and his wife was also among the victims.

The blast burned down five nearby houses in the neighborhood that was mostly small houses for rent for factory workers.

On April 17, police in Binh Duong Province decided to file criminal charges against Viet and his wife after the death toll climbed to four. One of them was the landlord's daughter who tried to stop the fire with an extinguisher.

The first victim died on the day of the accident.

"The gas blast was the worst ever in Binh Duong Province," one investigator said, as quoted by the news website of radio station Voice of Vietnam.

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