Southern flood move crocodiles into boats, bedrooms

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Crocodile farmers in southern Vietnam have moved their reptiles to boats or to their bedrooms as seasonal floods have submerged their cages.


Many people in Dong Thap Province's Hong Ngu Town said they're worried the crocodiles will espace from their makeshift cages and hurt their children, Tuoi Tre reported Tuesday.


Some of them have reported the situation to local officials.


Nguyen Van Duol hold captive nearly 300 crocodiles, each about two kilograms and around half a meter long, on small boats in a local canal.


His concrete crocodile cage was flooded, and so was the cage at the border guard station that he first evacuated the reptiles to, Duol said.


Nguyen Van Nam, a man who lives next to the canal, said every time his children swim in the canal, he has to watch them closely for fear they may be hurt by an escaped crocodile.


"The crocodiles might escape the boats and swim into the canal," Nam said.


Meanwhile, Tran Thi Kim Hai is keeping 50 crocodiles, each six to seven months old, in a plastic canvas cage in her bedroom.


Hai said she is keeping the reptiles for Nguyen Van Thien, a local crocodile breeder.


Children play near the cage every day.


Truong Van Den, a local official, said local farmers are raising the crocodiles legally but the floods this year were heavier than normal, so they've all had problems accommodating the reptiles.


Den said the local forestation department doesn't have cages and he didn't know what else to do other than ask local farmers to keep vigilant watch over their crocodiles.


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