Southern authorities establish human trafficking hotline

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The Ministry of Public Security has established a human trafficking hotline to staunch the flow of women across national borders.


Cao Minh Nhan, deputy head of the Anti-Crime Division at the Ministry's southern office, said residents with information pertaining to any human trafficking activities should call 069.37077 or send email to


The ministry will use the information to cooperate with city/provincial forces to stop the operation, or cooperate with international police if the victims have already been smuggled abroad, he said.


According to the ministry, human trafficking in southern cities and provinces has increased under the guise of a number of shady businesses.


Many illegal marriage brokers dupe women into believing they are being sent to meet their future husbands; instead they are sold to brothels or subjected to brutal treatment.


Among the human trafficking cases, police said the most dangerous ones include the cross-border trade of infants, fetuses and human organs.


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