Singapore education corp complains over fines imposed by Vietnam

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The Singapore-based education corporation Raffles has criticized the punishment levied by the Vietnamese government against its schools in Vietnam as unreasonable.

Raffles foreign language center in HCMC was fined last month by Vietnam's Ministry of Education and Training for cooperating with the Raffles College of Higher Education in Singapore to illegally enroll Vietnamese students in bachelor's and master's programs.

The ministry said Raffles was not allowed to offer that kind of training in Vietnam and asked the school to stop the courses, leaving many students in the lurch.

A Straits Times report on Thursday cited a representative from the corporation as saying that the punishment had been determined by inappropriate rationale.

The Raffles corporation has requested the ministry to allow the schools to resume their college and postgraduate training programs as soon as possible, it said.

The representative also said that the punishment and the cancelation of courses have contributed to a 10-13 percent reduction in the corporation's revenues for the last quarter of 2011.


Students in the lurch as ministry orders stop to training program

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Raffles schools in Hanoi and HCMC were asked to pay a total of VND75 million (US$3,600) for the infraction.

In October  2009, Raffles in HCMC was found forging the score records and English language certificates of many students in order to send them to college training courses in Singapore, though the students had not yet finished high school.

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